Aftercare is the third level of addiction treatment at Choices For Recovery, typically following Intensive Outpatient and Relapse Prevention.  The lowest level of drug and alcohol rehab offered, Aftercare is the final transition to maintaining independent sobriety and lasting freedom from drug and alcohol addiction.  This phase typically lasts 8 weeks but can vary based on the individual.  

Addiction treatment includes one day a week of clinical groups for an hour and a half and several free services included.  The Family Programming is available at no charge to help those affected by the drugs and alcohol who aren't in recovery themselves.  4 holistic healing services are also offered each week at no charge, which are available on Tuesday and Thursday.  Most patients have used the 8 included hour and a half individual substance abuse counseling sessions by this point, but additional sessions are available.  

Accountability is still included in the form of drug tests, sign ins, etc but by this point the individual is transitioning to maintaining his or her own sobriety.  Choices For Recovery becomes more of a resource to lean on for new questions or experiences in sobriety that come up.  Lasting recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol largely involves realizing we cannot and don't have to do this entirely on our own.  The addiction specialists at Choices For Recovery serve as a resource to answer questions, share experiences, and reveal pitfalls before they pop up.  

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