The philosophy for our recovery process at Choices For Recovery comes from a holistic background. Mindfulness and meditation are key to looking inwardly and understanding yourself, traumas, and underlying issues. We use alternative methods such as art therapy, music therapy and yoga to involve our guests in the process and keep them motivated to get- and stay- sober. We believe these techniques promote self-awareness and brings us closer to facing and healing our traumas and issues.

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Our intention is to lead an individual into a life of wholeness and well-being. The recovery program is designed to assist in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an individual’s growth- to take in all accounts of who they are as a person. We want to consider the whole of the person, not just their addiction and treat them the way that suits their character.

Choices for Recovery, Choices for Living

We call ourselves Choices For Recovery because we want to cater our programs to individual needs- to give people choices when it comes to their recovery process. We work with each individual closely and look at the whole of the person to establish the proper approach. Some people struggle more with the mental aspects, while others need more physical activity to stay occupied. Some people may focus on individual therapy while others thrive in groups. Every person is a unique individual, so we must provide programs to benefit all people and their unique needs.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and acceptance commitment therapy are some examples of our therapeutic approach to establishing a positive mental state- the mind. Our yoga programs, among other activities, offer a look into the positive activities we do for physical health- the body. By combining body and mind in our holistic approach, the people joining our programs can not only come out sober but as a more mindful and happy person. Addiction is different for everyone, so the solution needs to fit your values and your life to have an impact.

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