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Take the Path to Freedom
Recovery is a Choice
Overcoming Addiction Through Choices
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Take the Path to Freedom
Recovery is a Choice

A Different Approach

Choices helps each person make decisions about the methods of recovery that will work best for him or her.
Intensive Outpatient
Daily structure to guide you through your choices in your journey to becoming a new person

Recovery is a choice. Take the path to freedom.

Choices For Recovery is a substance abuse & addiction intensive outpatient treatment center located in Charlotte, NC focusing on using the most effective methods for recovering from addiction that are backed by research and experience. We aid individuals suffering from drugs, alcohol, dual diagnosis, and other addictions in finding the path to recovering from a hopeless state of mind and body.

New environments, relationships, and a new awareness to the reality of our lives are integral pieces to sustaining a meaningful life. Developing new perceptions, healthy behaviors, and intentions is our purpose at Choices for each individual. We believe in the resilience and vitality of the human spirit which makes anything possible. A freedom which is deserved.

Our intention is to lead an individual into a life of wholeness and well-being. The recovery program is designed to assist in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of an individual’s growth. Choices utilizes a holistic, individualized approach to treatment that supports individuals in creating long term sobriety. Choices has the ability to assist clients at any point in the recovery process.

What People Are Saying

Choices has a 5.0 rating on Google with 10 reviews.  Read our reviews here: Choices For Recovery Reviews

Cathy Cook

Choices for Recovery is an amazing place. They have struck just the right balance between structure and freedom--always listening and completely focused on the client. Their approach is refreshingly warm, personal, and holistic.

Evan Chodzko

This is not just another corporate treatment facility funneling clients in and out to make a buck. They truly care about each clients individual needs, and develop a treatment plan specific to each client.

Choices For Recovery

200 Queens Rd
Suite 102
Charlotte, NC 28204

Phone: (980) 237-6037
Fax: (980) 498-0605

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